Sometimes you just need a little love…

happy valentines day

Do you remember exchanging Valentine’s Cards when you were a kid? Those flimsy pieces of cardboard may have been corny but they still had a way of making a girl feel special. Phrases like “Be Mine” and “You Rock” were pretty sophisticated for elementary school.

You know what  makes me feel special now? God’s word. His word is filled with truths about love. If you think about it, God inspired the first Valentine’s Day card a long, long time ago.

Below are some of my favorite scripture verses about love. I got a little creative and designed a picture for each one.  I hope you enjoy them.. Please feel free to print them out and share them if you want. Happy Valentine’s Day!

PicMonkey Collage

his love endures forever

grow card

Your love is great

love without expectations

conquer card

bear w one another

patient kind card

love is fearless

god is love card

above all put on love

Love unconditionally

card john 316

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