Coffee with mom… {Five Minute Friday}

Oh, how I wish I could just run over to my mother’s house for a hot cup of coffee and nice chat. It was nice living only a few miles down the road from her. I didn’t realize what a sweet gift I had until it was gone.

She and my stepfather retired and moved to Florida a few years back. If I want to pay her a visit now I have to hop on a plane or take a very long and boring road trip.

It really makes you think about how precious every moment together is. You never know when the opportunity to visit someone on a whim will be gone. Enjoy every second…

I am linking up with Kate for the first time today for Five Minute Friday.

2 thoughts on “Coffee with mom… {Five Minute Friday}

  1. Elena says:

    Yep! Me too. It was nice having my mom here for an extended visit. Wish we could have that cup of coffee together on a regular basis too!

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