Is Friendship Important In Marriage?

share4This post is part of Sue Detweiler’s #MarriageRocks Blog Tour, which I am thrilled to be a part of along with many other amazing bloggers.

My husband and I were good friends long before we got together as couple. I suspect it’s one of reasons we had issues connecting later on in our marriage. We didn’t realize how important it was to keep our friendship alive and healthy.

“Friendship brings life to our marriages. And when friendship falters the relationship is at risk of becoming a statistic.” ~Sue Detweiler

The stress from parenting, finances, and unmet expectations had poked holes in our friendship. Date night was nonexistent. We weren’t enjoying each others company and we certainly weren’t having fun together. If we did spend time together it it felt like we were going through the motions.

“Every friendship needs to be nurtured. ~Sue Detweiler

All relationships need encouragement to grow. In order for my husband and I to make our relationship better, we had to be intentional about it. We made it a priority to schedule in the share trait 2long forgotten “date night” on our calendar. It really didn’t matter where we went as long as we were able to focus on us. The important thing was for us to reconnect and learn to like each other again.

Make time in your marriage for friendship! Go out and have fun! Create positive, life-giving moments spending time together as best friends. ~Sue Detweiler

You know what happened? We began to have fun and enjoy each others company again. It took time and dedication, but it was so worth it. By making it a point to spend time together we were able to revive our friendship.

My husband Brandon and I have been married for an adventurous nineteen years. It hasn’t always been easy, but by the grace of God we have been able to stick together. God has truly blessed me with a man I can confide in and enjoy life with. I can’t imagine my life without my best friend.

I really enjoyed reading Sue’s book. If you are looking for a good book to read on how to have a healthy marriage I highly recommend this one. The stories she shares about her own marriage were encouraging and helpful.

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