The Power of a Name

The Power of a NameHave you ever thought about the emotional attachment we have with our name?

It’s really quite powerful if think about it. For example, it can make us feel important when it’s remembered or insignificant when it’s forgotten. We can feel appreciated when it’s mentioned and overlooked if it’s left out. It can even make us feel special to see it listed alongside other noteworthy individuals or as small as an ant if it’s not.

So why the emotional attachment to our names? Well, besides the fact that we’ve been answering to them all of our lives, I think it’s because it intimately connects us to others.

Every morning before my husband leaves for work he kisses me good-bye tells me he loves me, and dashes out the door. I’ve come to love our little morning routine and if my husband were to suddenly stop I’m sure I would miss it. But it’s in those unrushed moments when he looks into my eyes and softly says, “I love you, Kelly.” that I truly feel connected to him. Hearing him say my name makes his words seem so much more intimate. It’s as if he is saying to me, “I see you. You matter. I love all of you.”

Pretty powerful huh?

As I write this I’m reminded of how much God loves and cares for us. We matter to God and he wants us to get to know him better so we can have a more intimate relationship with him. One of the ways we can get to know God better is by studying his names.

Did you know God has hundreds of names? And that those names not only speak to the greatness of His character but also show us how He works in our lives? One of those names is El Roi: The God Who Sees You.

12507502_10208824636632095_1405980666697711663_nNext week on the blog I am excited to have Wendy Blight sharing about El Roi: The God Who Sees You! She has such a passionate heart for sharing God’s word with others. I invite you to join us and discover a little bit about the power of the names of God.

Wendy Blight is a member of the Proverbs 31 Ministries’ First 5 Writing Team and serves as the Proverbs 31 On-Line Bible Study Small Group Ministry Training and Development Coordinator. She is a national speaker, Bible teacher, attorney, and author of 3 books including her newest Bible Study:WendyB-300x200 I Know His Name: Discovering Power in the Names of God. She most enjoys helping women, through Bible study, gain confidence so that they can tackle life’s problems through God’s Word.

Wendy’s favorite place to be is at home in Charlotte, North Carolina writing and enjoying time with her husband, Monty, and their two children, Lauren and Bo.


Do you love GIVEAWAYS? I am giving away a spectacular prize pack this week to one very lucky winner!


5107CO97YRL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_Prize includes 1 copy of Wendy’s book I Know His Name, 1 highlighter to highlight your favorite quotes, and a box chocolates to enjoy while you read.

To enter for a chance to win answer one of these questions in the comment section below:

  1. What is your favorite type of Chocolate? Or if chocolate isn’t your favorite when you’re in the mood for something sweet, what is?

2. Do you have a favorite spot where you like to read and study the word?

(Entries end 2/13/16 at midnight EST. The winner will be randomly selected and announced in my next blog post on February 14.)



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38 thoughts on “The Power of a Name

  1. jillberan says:

    I’d have to say peanut M&M’s or Snickers. I often find myself at our kitchen table with my Bible and journal…grateful for the moments when it’s just me, but also knows God uses it when all my little people are running around too.

  2. Lauren says:

    Such a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win! My favorite is dark chocolate with almonds. And my favorite spot is my farmhouse desk under the window in my office. I like to sit there with my coffee and Bible/study book first thing in the morning when the light just pours in that room. It’s a wonderful reminder of His goodness and faithfulness.

    • Kelly Basham says:

      You are so welcome Lauren. I love farmhouse tables. I bet it’s lovely sitting there by the window studying and spending time with the Lord! Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

  3. Mary Young says:

    My Facebook profile is a picture of a beantiful Chocolate Statue. I love chocolate. My favorite place to meditate and enjoy scripture is my comfy rocking chair in my bedroom. I have enjoyed reading the first Five Names of God. Beautiful.💖 I would love to read more about knowing all the beautiful names of God. Thank you and God bless you.

    • Kelly Basham says:

      Hi Mary. I have a rocking chair in my living room that enjoy sitting and reading in. I find that it brings me comfort to rock while I read. It’s nice to meet you!

  4. Nanci Alsup says:

    This girls loves any kind of chocolate! I especially love dark chocolate! My favorite place to study God’s word is at my kitchen table. That sounds a little “normal” but I have the best back yard that I can view from that spot. Tons of trees, birds, squirrels, it’s just a very peaceful place. I would love to read Wendy’s book! Thanks for the prize package Kelly! I love your blog!

  5. thenestles says:

    Ghiradelli’s dark chocolate chips, melted. And, I love to curl up on the couch with my hard copy Bible to study God’s word, but usually, I end up sitting in bed first thing in the morning (or in the middle of the night) and using my phone because I can read and do research on commentaries right there without disturbing the household.

    • wendyblight says:

      Oh, girl, mine too! Ghiradelli dark chocolate chips are a staple in my pantry! And I’m a hard copy Bible girl as well. In fact, I rarely read the Bible on my phone unless someone asks me to help with a verse and there isn’t a hard copy in sight. Thank you for stopping by. Always so fun to “meet” new friends on line. 🙂



    • Kelly Basham says:

      Ghiradelli is a favorite at our house too! I prefer the hard copy as well, but I do find that I use my phone or computer when I’m researching a verse or doing bible study out and about. Thank you for stopping by Kim!

  6. BsktWvr says:

    I love chocolate anything really, with or without nuts or mint or caramel, light or dark. Anything except white chocolate.
    I like to read my studies in my bed, propped up with pillows and my Froggy blanket. 🙂
    I also like to study at my desk where my computer is handy for looking up word definitions and Bible verses.

    • wendyblight says:

      I’m looking at those beautiful baskets in your profile pic and wondering if you wove those yourself? I have watched the women in Charleston, SC weaving baskets but have never known anyone who did that. What a gift. Thank you for stopping by!



      • BsktWvr says:

        I did weave all of those myself! I love to weave and so thankful He gave me the gifts to do so! I find it very relaxing and almost like therapy. Lol

  7. Carolina Cisneros says:

    I love dark chocolate anything. My favorite place to read/write is near my front window with cascading light streams that pour into my living room early in the morning, curled in a blanket with headphones sprinkling my ear canal with soothing jazz music (no lyrics). I love your post. We love to hear our name as does our Father when we speak to him in our hear, mind, soul. Thank you for reminding me to utter his name at all times and for all things. His name be lifted on high. Have a blessed week, Kelly.

    • wendyblight says:

      I too LOVE dark chocolate … especially if it has nuts or is a bit spicy. One Lindt chocolate bar I love has chile beans in it. It is soooo delicious!



  8. Penny Whitlock says:

    I love Hershey’s kisses and a cup of my Dark Chocolate Chai Black Tea and I’m thankful to have our sun porch for studying, reading, and relaxing. Thanks for the giveaway! Blessings to All!

    • wendyblight says:

      We have a back porch as well. And when the weather is a bit warmer, I love to curl up out there and read my Bible. Our Bible study leadership meets on our porch in the late spring and early summer to have our meeting and prayer time.



    • Kelly Basham says:

      You are are welcome Penny! I have never had Dark Chocolate Chai Black Tea before. I think I will have try it because it sounds really good. It’s nice to meet you!

  9. Kim Ingram says:

    I love a nice size HERSHEY bar with a warm cup of decaf! I sit in my rocking chair, in the sunroom, and listen to The Lord as I watch His beautiful creation outside!!

  10. Jr says:

    I love any type of chocolate! Usually in the morning is in the living room with my Cinnabon coffee and in the evening is in bed. Great blog post!

  11. Elena says:

    I love dark chocolate! Yummy!!
    My favorite spot is in my oversized chair with a cup of hot tea or coffee. 😄

  12. Amanda says:

    I like chocolate on occasion. But give this girl a vanilla zinger and it’s game over. 🙂

    I’ve been going through a really rough spot lately with my walk with God. And I would really enjoy this copy because I would like the learn more about the names of God. I know there are so many, and they all mean something different. I’d like to learn them so I can use them.

    I like a nice quiet place with my bible and a cup of coffee.

    • Kelly Basham says:

      Hello Amanda. It’s so nice to meet you! I’m not sure I have had a vanilla zinger before but it sounds delicious. I’m sorry to hear that you have been having a hard time in your walk with the Lord. I am lifting you up in prayer as write this and will continue to pray for you friend.

      • wendyblight says:

        Kelly, it’s so fun to read all these comments! Thank you for sharing my new book “I Know His Name” and giving away such a fun prize package! I LOVE that it includes a highlighter and chocolate. I can tell these girls will love the chocolate!!



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