Why it’s important to open your gifts. #PetalsOfWisdom

I delight in your decrees; I will not neglect your word.“I will Delight in your decrees; I will not Neglect your word.” Psalm 119:16

Have you ever received a gift from someone and thought, “I think I will leave this gift in it’s packaging and stick on my shelf so it can look pretty and collect dust.”?

Of course you haven’t. That would be crazy! I think it’s safe to say that most of us would rip the bow off and tear through the paper to get to the real gift inside of the package.

One thing my mother taught me was to treat God’s word like a gift. Tweet this!

When I was a little girl my mother kept a bible on her nightstand that she read every night before she went to bed. She didn’t let it sit there collecting dust or display it on a shelf to look pretty. She opened it up regularly because she knew that no matter what was going on at the time, she could count on God’s word to guide her through it.

God’s word is a gift waiting to be discovered. Tweet this!

Psalm 119:16 tells us to not neglect God’s word and to take delight in it. Friends, God is waiting to speak to our hearts. He has given us the gift of his word and he wants us to unwrap it so we can discover and develop a more intimate relationship with him. But we can’t experience that intimacy if we leave it on the shelf collecting dust. We have to actually open it and read it.

Let’s Pray:

Lord we thank you for the gift you have given us in your word. We desire to have a more intimate relationship with you. Please forgive us for neglecting your word. Help us to delight in your word so that we can discover and learn more about you. In Jesus name we pray, Amen!

I hope you have been encouraged and inspired by this devotion.petals of wisdom IMG_0098 Petals of Wisdom is a devotional series designed to encourage others to Blossom in the word one Petal at a time.

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4 thoughts on “Why it’s important to open your gifts. #PetalsOfWisdom

  1. Carolina Cisneros says:

    God’s word is our gift. Don’t let it collect dust. I love this post. Thank you for linking up to Open Mic Monday for the soul at Cisneros Cafe. I pray to continually unwrap his beauty and his promise. Have a beautiful week, Kelly! <3

  2. Meg Bucher says:

    “One thing my mother taught me was to treat God’s word like a gift.” I love this! What a brilliant analogy of God’s Word as a present waiting to be unwrapped and used in our lives! Great, fresh perspective!
    Happy Open Mic Monday!

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