I Can’t believe it! I’m a Liebster Award Nominee.

Wow! I was truly honored when I found out I was a nominee for the Liebster Award. This is such a fun way to discover new blogs and meet new bloggers. Thank you so much Emily for nominating me.

Now it’s my turn do the nominating! But first let me answer a few questions my new friend Emily asked me to answer:
1. What is your dream career?
I would have to say a detective or FBI agent.
2. Who or what is your biggest inspiration in life?
My mother for teaching me to get in my bible regularly. My grandmother for setting a great example on the importance of  prayer. And my aunt for getting me to serve at church when I was younger. Without them even realizing it, these women poured a foundation of faith in me.
3. What is your favorite thing about yourself?
I would have to say my ability to adapt to change…
4. Do you have a favorite blog? Or maybe a few! Share them with us!
Right now I am really enjoying reading the posts on Do A New Thing You should check it out if you have a chance.
5. What is the best advice you have ever received?
In college my English professor gave some great advise about criticism. He said, “Always take a step back and ask yourself this question: Are they trying to change it into what they think it should be or make it better? If they are trying to make it better and help you grow then listen, if not shrug it off and move on.” I have never forgotten those words…
6. What television shows are you completely addicted to (current, or on Netflix/Amazon/etc)?
My daughter and I love to watch Once Upon A Time.
7. What is your favorite quote?
“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phil 4:13
8. If you could bring back something from another generation that we no longer do or use today, what would that be?
To talk on the phone the way we used to. I really miss that! Texting can be so impersonal sometimes…
9. If you could be friends with any fictional character, who would it be?
The Muppets! (Particularly Kermit The Frog)

10. Which book have you read that has had the biggest impact on you?

Hmm….besides the bible I guess it would be A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. I love it when Scrooge becomes a new man and sees the world with fresh eyes and renewed hope and joy! If you have never read the actual book I recommend doing so.

11. If you could change one thing about the world what would that be?
Oh my goodness! Don’t get me started….I guess the business of everything. I think if we slowed down and got more intentional with those around us, we could really make a difference.
Share 11 Random facts about yourself:
1. I am a rule follower. Seriously! When going into a building or store that has the doors labeled as “In and “Out”, I must enter through the “In” door and exit through the “Out” door.
2. Though I grew up at the beach, I prefer the mountains….
3. I am most at peace when I am working on something creative. I love to paint, draw, craft, design, and write. I bought a jewelry making kit too long ago and I’m itching to try it out.
4. Once upon a time I owned my own business. For about 7 years I designed faux flowers for weddings all over the world. The entire operation was run online and out of my upstairs bonus room.
5. God called me to lay down that business (even though it was successful) to serve in women’s ministry. It was scary but I’m glad I did it. God has been faithful!
6. We have been living in our current home for 10 years and I have yet to have decorated our master bedroom. I really need to get on that. It really looks sad…
7. Vegetables are one of my favorites foods. I honestly love them. Broccoli is my most favorite though. Yum!
8. When we lived in Italy I went Christmas shopping in Venice one time until the wee hours of the night. It was so much fun!
9. In third grade I won the basketball shoot out contest by shooting 23 baskets in a row! It was more than anyone else in the class, including the boys. It was a very good day!
10. Fall is my favorite time of year. I love pumpkins, fall fests, the cooler weather, the pretty foliage, sweatshirts, honey crisp apples…etc.
11. For the last one I got stuck and asked my daughter for her help in coming up with a random fact. Her answer was, “That you have an amazingly awesome daughter.” 😉
This was so much fun! Want to know who I nominated? Read about here.
Be sure to visit Emily’s blog here at Chirpings from a Little Sparrow.
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  1. helloleahgrey says:

    So nice to get to know you Kelly! That’s excellent advice from your professor lol I’m going to try and remember that one! And you lived in Italy??? Amazing!!!!

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