Prudent Lips to Protect Precious Pearls

“When words are many, transgression is not lacking, but whoever restrains his lips is prudent.” Proverbs 10:19 [ESV] Prudent Lips to Protect Precious Pearls

By Kelly R. Baker

When words are many, transgression is not lacking, but whoever restrains his lips is prudent.” Proverbs 10:19 [ESV]

I quickly looked down at the floor, trying to seem innocent. I could feel the redness beginning to creep up my neck and into my cheeks in a telling blush. I felt naked.

It felt like my “pearls” had been stolen, yet I had just given them away.

My pearls are what is precious to me: my dreams, desires, feelings. Those private spaces of my heart shouldn’t be shared with just everyone. They should only be shared with my core group. The people I know I can trust. The ones that I know won’t betray me.

I had just given my prized pearls away to an unappreciative acquaintance. She wasn’t one that should have been privy to my innermost thoughts.

I didn’t truly want to share my heart with her, but I wasn’t careful. I had been in such a habit of saying whatever came into my head. I had been a fool again; I had told all.

You can quickly be viewed as a wise person just by shutting your mouth. – Tweet this!

God had been pointing out the folly of my mouth’s habits to me, but I hadn’t been listening. Right then the Holy Spirit reminded me of Proverbs 10:19. It seemed I had been more in the habit of uttering all my mind and consequently blushing, when I could quickly be viewed as a wise person just by shutting my mouth! This time it was welcome relief to my growing awkwardness. It felt like God handed me a safe to keep my pearls protected.

Then I decided: I want that!

The next time we had a conversation, her curiosity of my private life was quelled by answering her questions with a question. The conversation moved to generalities, and my pearls were subsequently protected. The only obvious blush that time was the makeup on my face.

Let’s pray:

God, I choose to guard my mouth rather than being hasty with my words. Give me the discernment to know who to share my “pearls” with and with whom I should be discreet. Help me to apply the wisdom of Your Word to avoid unnecessary trouble or heartache. Amen.


Meet Kelly:

Kelly R. Baker is an ordained ministry leader who writes to motivate Christ followers to stay spiritually nourished and thriving. Her core message is to grow spiritually by eating “daily bread,” and enjoy the fruit that comes from a life yielded to God. When not keeping her crew of four on the family routine you will probably find her sneaking a bite (or more) of dark chocolate. Read more from Kelly on her blog at You can also connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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15 thoughts on “Prudent Lips to Protect Precious Pearls

  1. sherrylynnstahl says:

    Oh Kelly we are too much alike. Just last night I blurted something out that should only be shared with the closest of confidants. I was sick as soon as it came out. Too private to share with those I’m not in regular contact with…and I can’t get it back. I love the title of this devotion. It’s such a great reminder of the verse. PRUDENT LIPS TO PROTECT PRECIOUS PEARLS. #Gonnaworkonthisone Thanks for sharing.
    ~Sherry Stahl

  2. Lori Schumaker of Seaching for Moments says:

    I agree, those moments do feel awful! I love the idea of precious pearls and the scripture you used! Also, answering a question with a question is a great strategy! Thanks so much for sharing your words with us at #MomentsofHope!
    Blessings and smiles,

  3. Karen Del Tatto says:

    Kelly, You have a real gift for writing these types of devotionals. I enjoy them very much! Your posts are much like this lesson, fewer words, but a wealth of wisdom.

    I have found myself in this position several times and it seems like there are certain people that are able to “get stuff out of me”. I found this post convicting and encouraging. Thank you for the reminder of Proverbs 10:19 and your insights that helped to expand upon that verse.


  4. Rosa Hopkins says:

    There have been some things I have felt led to keep quiet…big things…plans, hope and dreams. And yet, for the life of me, I could not figure out why. Now I know! Thank you for your words and for allowing God to give me the words I need to understand what He has called me to do. I had always heard that verse, but never understood it in this way before. I feel a tremendous burden lifted. Praise God!

    • KellyRBaker says:

      It blesses me to hear this, Rosa! Eventually God does release us to share some things with some people, but until then it’s safe to say God hasn’t released me to share yet. I’m glad this was helpful!

  5. mbethany says:

    Really appreciated this, Kelly! I’ve had the same problem, still do at times! Have you read Keep It Shut by Karen Ehman? She speaks to this, too! Thank you for the convicting message : )

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