What To Do When Your Trip Turns into a Fiasco


What to do when a perfectly planned trip turns into a fiasco. Learning to patiently make the best of it as you lean on God.



Have you noticed that no matter how much planning you do to ensure your holiday goes off without a hitch,  something always manages to go wrong? Either somebody forgets to pack something, somebody loses something, someone gets sick, or the weather is gloomy every day during your stay, making everyone miserable.

What do we do when our trip turns into a fiasco? Who do we turn to?

I recently shared a devotion at Cindy Sproles Christian Devotions Ministry about a trip my daughter, and I took.  I invite you to head over there to read more about what to do When a Perfectly Planned Day Goes Terribly Wrong.

I hope summer has been good to you and that you’ve been able to find some time to relax with your family.

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