When You’re Not Motivated To Praise


A Reason To Praise--a devotion about finding joy from the true source of joy.

What motivates you to praise the Lord? Is it an answered prayer? What about when everything works out the way you hoped it would?

What if everything isn’t going well? It’s easier to shout for joy when things are good. But, if my circumstances are less than desirable, I struggle to lift my voice in praise to the Lord.

Maybe you struggle with this too?

When I was a girl, I saw the most beautiful display of praise and worship. It was nothing fancy just a woman praising her Lord and Savior in the back of the church. Why is this woman so important? I invite you to read my devotion on christiandevotions.us to discover more about what this woman taught me and the impression she left on my heart.

Thank you for joining me today. I’m honored to be sharing my story with Christian Devotion Ministries.  May we find joy in Jesus, rather than our circumstances.  ~Kelly

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