Three Ways to Have a Peace-filled Holiday Season

Cultivating a peace-filled heart in the midst of a stressful holiday season. How to stay joyful and thankful despite our circumstances.

Do the holidays stress you out?

Maybe you feel pressured to decorate your home so that it looks Pinterest worthy or perhaps you’re worried you’ll over salt the potatoes, ruining them like I did the year my in-laws visited for Thanksgiving.

The holidays are wonderful, but they can also be overwhelming. All of the additional planning, spending, and commitments fill many of us with dread, causing us to put an unnecessary amount of pressure on ourselves. Instead of enjoying this time of year, we stress, worry, and fret over all there is to do.



Do you long for a peace-filled holiday season?
I invite you to read a story I wrote for Just Between Us. In the article, Turning Stressful Holidays Into Peaceful Ones, I share three ways we can turn a stressful situation into a peaceful one.

I also mention a Thanksgiving trip our family took a couple of years ago. Things didn’t go according to my plan and I ended up mentally beating myself up over a mistake I made. But God is good, and thankfully He got a hold of my heart and reminded me of a few things.  I hope you’ll be encouraged by my story. Read more here.

Have a Blessed Holiday Season,

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