When We Don’t Know What To Do

Lately, God has been remindng me to keep my eyes on him.  

Last week I was snuggled up in my favorite rocking chair watching television with my daughter when my head suddenly felt strange, and I became a little dizzy. Hoping to relieve my symptoms, I sat up and leaned forward. But instead of finding relief, my symptoms worsened.

Everything around me began to spin. Fearful of getting sick from the dizziness,  I closed my eyes, slowly sunk back into the chair, and waited for the vertigo to pass.

After a few minutes, I opened my eyes to see that the room was no longer spinning around me. I decided to try and get out of the chair. Slowly I stood up. Everything seemed normal, so I slowly took a couple of steps. The room began spinning again by the third step, and I felt like I was walking on an uneven floor. 

I didn’t know what to do.  I stood there, looking down at my feet, afraid to make a move. Silently I cried out to the Lord, asking him to make it stop.

While looking down, I realized that my vertigo was calming. But if I looked up or turned my head to the left, or right it worsened. With my eyes focused directly on my feet, I was able to walk back to my chair and carefully ease into my seat.

Eventually, my vertigo subsided. The floor straightened back out, and the room stopped spinning.

My unexpected vertigo attack reminds me of how the storms in life can come in and shake our world, turn everything upside down, and knock us off balance.

Try as we might, we can’t prevent every storm from coming. Jesus said we would face challenging situations in life (John 16:33). These situations often roll in abruptly, making us feel as though our world is spinning out of control. Our peace may feel as though it’s eroding, and our joy may seem as if it is being drowned out. The good news is that God doesn’t leave us to face them alone.

When my focus shifted away from my feet, my dizziness intensified, as did my fear. As long as I kept my eyes pointed and focused on my feet, I was able to push through my vertigo and make my way back to my seat.  In the same way, when we take our eyes off of Jesus, we are more likely to be thrown off balance by our circumstances, but if we stand firm, keeping our focus on the one who is in control of our circumstances, we’ll remember that we aren’t in this alone.

2 Chronicles 20:12 reminds us to seek God’s help and keep our eyes on him. We may not know what to do, and our situation may not improve immediately, but with our eyes focused on God, we will remember that Jesus is by our side. With his help, we can withstand the storms that come against us.

Thank you for joining me,


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