Five Benefits of Writing Scripture

Do you regularly write out God’s word?

Writing the scriptures out has helped me in several ways. 

Here are five benefits I’ve discovered from writing out God’s word:

1. Helps us retain the information we are reading

Most of us had vocabulary words we had to define in school. I remember being assigned a new list every week in elementary school that required me to look up and write out the definitions in my vocabulary notebook. Our teachers had us do this to help us remember the meaning of these new words. Writing out bible verses can also help us absorb what we are reading. 

2. Helps with scripture memorization

Do you remember writing out your spelling words ten times each in school? Our teachers had us do this to help us commit to memory the correct way to spell those words. Writing out God’s word can also help us memorize it. 

3. Helps us to understand the text better and grow in biblical knowledge

Have you ever read something and not been able to recall everything you read? I often have to go back and re-read things, especially when a lot is going on in the text. When we write out God’s word, it not only helps us to retain and memorize the information, but it allows us to slow down and better understand the information. 

4. Allows us to see things in the text we may have otherwise skimmed over

When reading God’s word, it’s easy to miss something, especially with familiar verses. Writing the scriptures helps us slow down and focus on each word individually.  

5. It can bring a new level of intimacy to our relationship with God as we meditate on his word

God has given us his word, and He wants us to read it so we can develop a more intimate relationship with him. Scripture writing can help us with this. When we slow down and focus more intently on God’s word, it allows us the opportunity to learn more about who God is and how his word pertains to us. The better we know God’s word, the better we will know him, and the better we know God, the more intimate our relationship will be.  

Writing out God’s word can be an enjoyable experience. If you have never written out the scriptures before, I encourage you to give it a try. The next time you read God’s Word, write out a bible verse or two that stands out to you.  

When writing scripture, you can write a verse, a paragraph, a chapter, or even an entire book in the bible. It’s entirely up to you. When reading God’s word, I will often find one or two verses that stand out to me and write them down in my journal or on note cards. If I am doing a more in-depth bible study that covers an entire book of the bible, I tend to write out several verses at a time as I’m studying them.

Not sure where to start? Topical Bible Reading Plans are great for trying out scripture writing! Each plan includes a list of scriptures to read and write.

If you do give scripture writing a try, I would love to know how it has helped you.

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