Five Questions to Keep in Mind When Reading Your Bible

Are there certain questions we should keep in mind while reading our bibles?

It’s not hard to overlook things in the text we are reading–especially when there is a considerable amount of information before us. What I have found that helps, is to keep a few key questions in mind while I’m reading.

Keeping these five questions in mind while studying and reading God’s word can help us better understand and catch what is happening in the text.

1. Who?
Who is mentioned in the text you are reading? Does anything stand out about their character, actions, or relationship with the other people in the text?

2. Where?
Where does it take place? Are places, landmarks, cities,  or countries mentioned?

3. What?
What is going on or taking place? Events? Incidents? What’s happening?

4. When? 
When does it take place? Are there any time references such as time of day, time of year, month, etc.? Also, note any specific mention of the order of events or time frame. 

5. How?
How does what you have read relate to you? How does it relate to the gospel and point us to Jesus? And how can you apply this message to your own life?

The next time you spend time in the scriptures, I hope you will find these five practical (and easy to remember) questions helpful.

Thanks for joining me,