When Your Words to Yourself Are Are Not Kind

Have you ever considered the way you talk to yourself?

When I was a young girl, I was often told that I shouldn’t say anything at all if I couldn’t say something kind. 

Maybe you’ve heard that advice too?

If I’m honest, I still need to hear this wise reminder from time to time. I’m better with my words than when I was a girl, but sometimes my mouth gets the best of me, and my words to others aren’t always the most forgiving. 

I’ve also noticed an unhealthy pattern in how I speak to myself. After a recent internal assessment of my words, I realized I had been neglecting to consider the words I say to myself. I discovered that my words to myself were less than kind, especially when I made a mistake. 

Maybe you’ve noticed a pattern like this too?

Friends, the way we talk to ourselves matters. I want to encourage you and invite you to stop by A WIFE LIKE ME to read my recent post Speaking Both Grace and Truth to Yourself When You Make a Mistake.