When You Experience The Unexpected

Have you ever heard the word quicksand used to describe something? 

Until recently, I hadn’t given quicksand much thought until something happened while on a beach trip, providing me with an experience I never expected to encounter. 

According to one of the definitions from the Cambridge Dictionary, quicksand can be described as “a situation, especially one that is unpleasant to deal with, that is very difficult for someone to get out of.” 

Jesus tells us we will have troubles in this world–and trouble comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms. (John 16:33) When these difficult situations come, it can feel like our distress will never end.

In my guest post for The Round Farmhouse Ministries, I share a true story about a scary,  unforeseen, and problematic circumstance I experienced.  

I invite you to read my story on The Round Farmhouse Ministries for encouragement on what to do when these situations arrive.


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