Dented But Not Discounted

Have you ever felt like you were dented and damaged? Maybe you think your stains and sins are too great, and you struggle to see your value.

I can relate to thoughts and feelings like these.

In a recently published guest article for Living By Designs Ministries, I write about my own struggles with thoughts and feelings like the ones mentioned above.

Here is an excerpt from my guest post:

“Blinded by my own dents and dings, I often fail to see my potential and struggle to see myself as valuable. 

The leftover residue from my sins, mistakes, and shortcomings triggers worry that God will view me the same way I do: damaged, useless, and unworthy. 

I long to serve God, but fear I’m too inadequate.”

Have you had thoughts like mine? We don’t have to stay in that mindset, my friend. I invite you to read more of my story on Living By Design Ministries and discover how we can begin to see ourselves as God sees us.