Thanksgiving Psalms Bible Reading Plan

Did you know there are different categories for the Psalms? Bible scholars have classified the Psalms by their overall theme. Not long ago, I journaled through the entire book of Psalms. I learned a lot during my time in the Psalms, but I was especially encouraged by the psalms of praise, thanksgiving, and celebration.  My … Continue reading Thanksgiving Psalms Bible Reading Plan

In The Midst of Hardship

What do we do when we face hardships in our marriage? My husband and I have experienced many hardships in our twenty-five years of marriage. Most of the time we didn't know what how to handle those situations. But there is hope. We can persevere in difficult times if we keep our eyes on God … Continue reading In The Midst of Hardship

When Difficult Situations Arise

When difficult situations arise, how do you react? Do you praise through it? Maybe, like me, you don’t always feel like praising in tough times. More often than not, I usually react with grumbling and griping when things get challenging. It’s not easy to be positive in the midst of adversity. But I was recently … Continue reading When Difficult Situations Arise