Dented But Not Discounted

Have you ever felt like you were dented and damaged? Maybe you think your stains and sins are too great, and you struggle to see your value. I can relate to thoughts and feelings like these. In a recently published guest article for Living By Designs Ministries, I write about my own struggles with thoughts … Continue reading Dented But Not Discounted

Saying Goodbye To A Season You Enjoy

It's funny how everyday items can lead us down memory lane. While walking through the store the other day, I noticed boxes containing glue, pens, paper, folders, crayons, and other school supplies lining some of the aisles.  Pausing, I watched the associates busily stock the shelves with these essential Back-to-School items, and I caught myself … Continue reading Saying Goodbye To A Season You Enjoy

Jesus Loves Me

Do you recall the first song you learned at church? The songs we learn have a way of leaving their mark on us. In The Round Farmhouse Ministries’ latest series, The Lyrics of Life, we’re journeying through the Psalms this summer as we share how different songs have become a part of our lives. In … Continue reading Jesus Loves Me