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What If They Think I’m A Weakling?

    Sometimes, I feel like a two-year old… When my children were little they each went through a phase when they wanted to do everything by themselves. They thought they were big enough to handle it without mama’s help. “I do it!” they would say. And if I didn’t allow them do it by themselves, there was usually a

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Do We Have To Go There?

I once asked a friend this question: What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase Ingest every lesson? She laughed and said, “Heartburn.” Although my friend was only kidding, she was onto something. Heartburn is uncomfortable. It’s troublesome. And it can keep you up at night. When I have heartburn all I want to

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Apparently I’m Not Smarter Than A Fifth Grader

Don’t you love it when God uses children to speak to you? I remember a time when I subbed for a girls’ small group at church. Creativity was the topic on this particular Sunday. In the lesson we were asked to discuss the ways God had designed each of us to be creative. I asked each girl to write down

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No one will like me if they know the truth.

Are you worried what others will think if they find out your past isn’t blemish free? Do you go to great lengths to keep it a secret? The fear of judgement can make us do crazy things. It’s intimidating power can force us to make irrational decisions, causing us to take drastic measures to hide our past. I didn’t want

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When you are afraid to step out in faith…

Did I have what it takes? Putting that much work into something only to have it criticized and rejected scared me to death. It seemed safer to keep it a dream than make it a reality. And for a very long time, my dream stayed a dream….

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