The Lies Pride Tells

Could pride be getting in the way of your relationship with your spouse? Whenever I feel wronged, I tend to be a grudge holder. My pride gets the better of me, and I start to believe the lies it tells.  Pride has a way of stifling the truth. If not dealt with, it will grow … Continue reading The Lies Pride Tells

When Difficult Situations Arise

When difficult situations arise, how do you react? Do you praise through it? Maybe, like me, you don’t always feel like praising in tough times. More often than not, I usually react with grumbling and griping when things get challenging. It’s not easy to be positive in the midst of adversity. But I was recently … Continue reading When Difficult Situations Arise

The Importance Of Admirable Thoughts In Your Marriage

Are the thoughts you have towards your husband admirable? Do most of your thoughts about him seem resentful or full of criticism? If we aren't careful, disappointments and unmet expectations can overshadow what we admire in our husbands. And before we recognize what's happening in our minds, our thoughts towards our husbands are no longer honorable … Continue reading The Importance Of Admirable Thoughts In Your Marriage