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A small, but powerful way to train your kids in the word.

Do you read God’s word to your kids? I miss the days when my kids wanted to curl up in my lap and listen as I read to them. Looking back, I wish I had spent more time doing it. They grow up so fast. Now that my kids are older …

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A Not-So-Fabulous-Mama-Moment + a Free Mother’s Day Printable

My heart sank. That tear was brought on by the harsh words I had spoken. I sat there wishing I could take back those hurtful words I carelessly spat out in anger, but I knew I couldn’t. This was definitely one of my not-so-fabulous-mama-moments……

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Coffee with mom… {Five Minute Friday}

Oh, how I wish I could just run over to my mother’s house for a hot cup of coffee and nice chat…

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You Are Loved. Inspiring stories from readers like you.

Inspiring stories about love that will encourage and lift your spirits. Even when you think you’re all alone in the world- God always comes through. A mom from Nashville, TN writes: My children and I have been going through a life transition since my husband decided to move out. It has been very difficult and, although there has been a

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Sometimes you just need a little love…

Do you remember exchanging Valentine’s Cards when you were a kid? Those flimsy pieces of cardboard may have been corny but they still had a way of making a girl feel special…

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