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Bible Study Resources. Free to download and print. Reading plans, bible studies, and devotions.

Bible study is something I’ve been passionate about since participating in my first Precept Ministries inductive bible study by Kay Author. I loved the way she challenged us to not only read God’s word but to really study it. Her challenge encouraged me to keep going, to dig deeper.

It’s been many years since I completed my first bible study. I’m still learning—God teaches me something new every day! It’s a wonderfully amazing journey I’m on, discovering more about my Lord. His word is filled with marvelous mysteries and life-saving truths. I wonder what He’ll show me today?

Do you hunger to know God more intimately? Do you crave a deeper relationship with Him? Me too!

God has given us the gift of his word, and He wants us to unwrap it so we can discover and develop a more intimate relationship with him. His word is filled with the nourishing truth and wisdom we need to help us blossom. But to experience that intimacy, we need to be rooting ourselves in the word. And the only way to be rooted in the word is to study it, meditate on it, and reflect on it.

Here are a few Free Resources to help us get in the word:

Want to get in God's word everyday? Try one of these 30 Day Topical Bible Reading Plans. Free to download and print.

Free Printable Bible Reading Challenges

These 30 Day Topical Bible Reading Challenges encourage us to learn more about specific topics in the Bible. Also included are bonus journaling worksheets with prompts to help us as we meditate and reflect on God’s word.

Looking for a Bible Study? These bible studies are free to print and download.

Free Bible Studies

These short bible studies guide us to dig deeper and grow in our faith as we study and meditate on the lessons in God’s word.

Petals of Wisdom is a devotional series that speaks wisdom into the lives of busy women seeking Godly answers. These short devotions encouraging, uplifting, and truth filled.

Petals of Wisdom is a devotional series that speaks wisdom into the lives of busy women seeking Godly answers. These short devotions are encouraging, inspiring, and truth-filled. Learn more about this series…

Looking for Bible Study Methods? Click here to learn more about bible study methods.

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*Please note: All free resources on the website are available to download and then print from your own personal device. I don’t currently have the capability to mail any of the free resources offered on the blog to a physical address–it’s not a service I can provide at this time. Please accept my apologies.






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  1. Tonya says:

    Hi Kelly, just wanted to say thanks for giving us such great tools. I am going to use your two free Temptations Bible studies for our Ladies’ Bible study to get us all started this year and I am also asking them to do the self-control reading challenge. I searched all over for a totally free study as paying for the materials often keeps ladies away. Thanks so much for sharing!

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