Eleven Tips That Will Make Our Words Lovelier to Hear

Have you ever said something to someone and wished you could erase the words from their mind? Do you lay awake after everyone's gone to bed and replay the words in your head (over and over again) that you wish you had never said? I'm right there with you friends. Included in this post are key questions I ask myself before I speak.

Why it’s important to open your gifts. #PetalsOfWisdom

"I will Delight in your decrees; I will not Neglect your word." Psalm 119:16 Have you ever received a gift from someone and thought, "I think I will leave this gift in it's packaging and stick on my shelf so it can look pretty and collect dust."? Of course you haven't. That would be crazy! … Continue reading Why it’s important to open your gifts. #PetalsOfWisdom

The Answer Is To Fail?

  Do you struggle with having to be perfect? Are you held back by the fear of failing? Most people I know can set goals, not quite reach them, and be satisfied to do better next time. Not me. I have a tremendous longing deep within the depths of my soul for everything I do … Continue reading The Answer Is To Fail?