Jesus Loves Me

Do you recall the first song you learned at church? The songs we learn have a way of leaving their mark on us. In The Round Farmhouse Ministries’ latest series, The Lyrics of Life, we’re journeying through the Psalms this summer as we share how different songs have become a part of our lives. In … Continue reading Jesus Loves Me

The Significance of Lyrics In Our Lives

Is there a song that stops in your tracks, bringing up memories when you hear it? Maybe its words have weaved their way into different seasons of your life. Perhaps its lyrics bring you comfort during hard times. Songs have a way of doing that, don't they? In The Round Farmhouse Ministries' latest series, The … Continue reading The Significance of Lyrics In Our Lives

When You Experience The Unexpected

Have you ever heard the word quicksand used to describe something?  Until recently, I hadn't given quicksand much thought until something happened while on a beach trip, providing me with an experience I never expected to encounter.  According to one of the definitions from the Cambridge Dictionary, quicksand can be described as "a situation, especially one that … Continue reading When You Experience The Unexpected