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When Fear Comes Crashing In

When Fear Comes Crashing In Have you ever been tempted to give in to fear? Fear is a powerful emotion. I remember when I was supposed to give my testimony at a women’s event. Although I was positive this was what God wanted me to do, my fears still taunted me. Who was I to stand up there and speak

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We Don’t Live There Anymore

The Power Of Sticking Together Today’s testimony has been shared by my friend Tara Blake Hatton. To find out more about this series click here.       We Don’t Live There Anymore by Tara Blake Hatton There was a lot of noise in that house: boys running, jumping, leaping, yelling and screaming …. And a Mama and a Daddy

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When Your Relationship is Challenged

Have you ever reached down to try to pluck a blade of grass from the ground? It doesn’t take much effort on our part to yank it up. A single blade of grass isn’t very strong on its own. If you were to grab an entire handful of grass, however, it wouldn’t come up so easily. A bunch of grass

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