Jesus Loves Me

Do you recall the first song you learned at church?

The songs we learn have a way of leaving their mark on us.

In The Round Farmhouse Ministries’ latest series, The Lyrics of Life, we’re journeying through the Psalms this summer as we share how different songs have become a part of our lives.

In this devotion, I share about my love for the hymn “Jesus Loves Me, This I Know” by Anna Bartlett Warner–this song has been a part of so many seasons of my life.

Here is a an excerpt from my devotion:

Everywhere I turned, giggles and smiling faces greeted me.

Serving as an assistant alongside my aunt and uncle for the 2-year-old Sunday school class was something I looked forward to. The room was always bursting with energetic toddlers gleefully playing.

Being there was always a joy, but it wasn’t without challenges. Little ones don’t always want to sit still, so getting them to cooperate could be tricky when it was time to gather on the carpet for the bible lesson and worship time. However, whenever my aunt would….Continue reading here